May 4, 2012

On SM Malls and Secularization

Maybe the SM Supermall is a primary agent of secularization in the Philippines. Before the 80's an area is defined by its church or the Catholic school within its jurisdiction.

But now, a geographical area is defined by its nearest SM Mall.

So, is commercialization a necessary ingredient in secularization?

Apr 30, 2012

Genesis is Mythology

"Because God created man and woman". Excuse me, in this age of cloning, Genesis is now a mythology. It now belongs to the same principle that the sun and moon revolve around the earth.

Apr 26, 2012

Being Good Without God

At the heart of atheism is the belief that we human beings are in charge of humanity and the world around us. 

Hence, being good is necessary if we intend to survive.

Apr 17, 2012

On Love and Independence

When two people do not need each other yet they still choose to be together that I think is love, perhaps, genuine love.

Apr 16, 2012

Miss Universe, anyone?

The admission of a transgender contestant in the Miss Universe contestant is also an admission that the beauty pageant is nothing but a showcase of beautiful faces, curves and cleavage. That means anyone with a symmetrical face, big bra cup, tiny waist line and a palpable vagina is free to join the contest.

Because in reality, do we really want to measure the real worth of a woman based solely on her physical characteristics and her ability to eloquently answer some nice-sounding generic questions?

I certainly don't. Because a woman is a lot more than that.

Apr 6, 2012

Good Friday?

If today is "Good Friday", when is the "Better Friday"?

A Mother's Sacrifice?

I used to write for ABS-CBN "The Filipino Channel". And part of my work was to read some of the thousands of emails from working Filipinos worldwide.

Many of the letters I read came from Filipino mothers who left their children in PH to work abroad just so they can afford a private school education for their young ones. Because I was writing for television, the medium had a duty to comfort its audience and it make it feel better. In my script, I will write nothing but praises for the hard working sacrificing mothers who chose to leave their children in PH.

But deep inside of me, I disagreed with the whole setup.

Because for me, a Filipino child studying in a lowly, decrepit public school whose loving mother was always there for him is in a much better position than someone in a private school who never grew up with a mother.